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Vintage Van + Vintage Camper

Your peg dolls (or finger puppets) can now ride around retro style! Our new vintage camper and vintgage van can be purchased togther with a wood peg family of 4 and you will be ready to tckle whatever adventure comes your way!  A camping trip out west? A road trip to the south? A scenic drive up the Northshore for a family weekend? Pack in the critters and bears and head out.  You can purchase miniature sleeping bags and finger puppets separately, and we also have a Deluxe Adventure Kit that includes sleeping bags, finger puppets and a canoe.

Our vintage inspired vehicles are made from solid alder and birch, painted with child safe chalk paint and a certified toy safe wax finish. We hand rub the alder with an all natural oil finish. The set of wood peg dolls are left unfinished for your creative touch. Each vehicle measures approx. 9.5" L x 5.25" H x 3.75" W.


We offer a variety of color options. You can select your color below with a solid stripe. Have a vintage camper that you would like me to match colors? Contact me for custom orders! 

    Van Color