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Custom Finger Puppets

We can create custom finger puppets from photos! "Honey, I shrunk the kids!" For real. You can order custom finger puppets of you, your friends or family to cruise around in the camper, canoe or whichever vehicle floats your boat. (The sailboat, perhaps?) What creative play can happen when the story characters can be your very own family! Customize and create a unique and fun gift! The puppets are sewn poplin fabric stuffed with a hyper-allergenic filling, and are approximately 2.5"-3" tall, with a wood base. These will fit ito all of our wood cars, boats, canoes, campers and vans with standard sized holes. So many adventures await for these little guys! 


You will need to send a clear photo as a JPEG of each person you are requesting a custom finger puppet for, preferably in a standing position. Basic editing is included- including removing the background, enhancing color and scaling to size.  If additional enhancement is needed, due to poor photo quality or position, I will contact you to discuss options. If you would like to request additional enhancement or the addition of extra details, please use the custom order form on the Finger Puppets page or contact me before ordering. 


Please contact me if you are looking to order a family or large number of the puppets, or if you would like to order custom puppets with a vehicle or other items. I will gladly work with you on custom pricing for your order.


Once your order is placed and the photos are received, you can expect to receive your custom finger puppets within 2 weeks. I will confirm the details of your order with you once the photos have been received. If you have any questions, please contact me before ordering. All custom orders are final. 


Additional puppets for each custom portrait can be purchased for the standard price of $5.50/ea. We know that life happens. So if something* happens to your custom puppet (*the dog gets it or it falls in the lake) we can replace it for our standard finger puppet price. 


Note: This product contains small parts is recommended for ages 3+.