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On the GO!

When you have little people, you always have somewhere to go! We offer an assortment of cars, boats, and canoes  for your peg people or finger puppets to cruise around town, on the lake or in the tub. Our sail boats have removable masts and sails for easy cleaning and storage and the sails come in 2 fabric options. A boat with wheels? Yes, please! Our boats with wheels can cruise around on land or on water! 


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Made from solid alder, our wood toys are built to last. Each one is made by hand, and no two are exactly the same.  Our wood toys are sanded smooth and then hand rubbed with our handmade natural beeswax and oil wood finish. Our sail boats come with a small supply of natural wood finish to keep them looking like new and help them continue to resist water. 

Shop For Ages 3+

Vehicles for standard Peg Dolls

or Finger Puppets: 

For ages 3+

Looking for a new vehicle for your peg dolls or finger puppets to cruise around in? We have small 2-seater and 4-seater cars, larger 5 seater cars, canoes and sail boats (with or without wheels!) The standard peg dolls and finger puppets can be a choking hazard and are recommended only for ages 3 and up. Have smaller littles? See below for our suggested vehicles for ages under 3. 

Check out our new vintage campers and vans! 


Boats & Cars for AGES 3+

Boats & Cars for

Large Wood Peg Dolls

We also offer vehicles that fit our large peg dolls and are safe for all ages! The large wood pegs measure 3.5" tall x 1.5" wide and 3 9/16" tall x 1 1/8" wide. All of vehicles that fit the large peg dolls come with a set of 2. You can choose between the car, the kayak and the sailboat with or without wheels. 

Shop For Ages  Under 3

Vehicles for Large Critters


Do you love our finger puppet critters but need something safer for littles under age 3? We now offer larger versions of our finger puppet critters that are safe for all ages. They have a wood base that measures 1.25", are range from 4"-6" tall.  They fit into our wood kayak and wood cars made just for them!

 We know that no two families are exactly alike - so our wood peg people are left unfinished- just waiting for your creative touch! Get out your paints and markers and create your very own family!

We ship all of our toys in eco-friendly recycled boxes to help reduce waste in our landfills. Please help us by recycling or re-using our boxes if you can. These cute little boxes would make great storage for pencils or art and craft supplies!

We ship our boats with the mast laying flat with a super simple asembly, just slip the wood mast into the hole. Not only does this allow us to ship our items in smaller packaging, it also allows for the mast to be replaced if it ever gets broken or lost. We make our toys to last- but we design them so that they can be repaired rather than replaced.  We can always repair toys and replace parts- please contact us! We want our toys to be passed on to friends and family- not to the landfill.