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Hello from quarantine. Things are pretty hard right now. It has been difficult to know how to move forward in this time of uncertainty. Everything feels so...heavy. There is no school for many, no work for some- and those that are showing up to care for the sick or to keep us fed  are on the very front lines, putting themselves at risk. They deserve all of our gratitude and prayers.


While we are stuck inside, minus our daily walks in the woods, we are filling our time with board games, blanket forts and LOTS of baking. And I thought maybe it would be a good time to reach out to other family members- not with Zoom or facetime - but with some good old fashioned snail mail! Because one thing that has happened as everything has slowed down, is that new connections are forming. There is more time to sit with each other, to hear each other, to laugh together or just to sit and hold each other's worry in silence. There are blessing sometimes that arise from things that are hard- if we look.


As we sit in a place of such uncertainty, it has been hard to know how to move forward as a maker.  Things carry a different weight now- and things that seemed important last month seem less so now. The hectic schedule of always feeling behind the ball and never having enough time has suddenly come to a screeching halt. So I do not know what will reveal itself as we each begin to move forward again, but I imagine that new perspectives will take shape and new paths will be carved. We will move forward again, but we will move differently.


So, what I know right now is that the only thing that got me moving and back to work was the idea of offering gifts- of putting something out into that world right now that might extend a little joy. Offer a smile. Or warm a heart. So I put together this:













mouse card.jpg

1. Download for free (see links below)

2. Print out and color (or print the pre-colored critters)

3. Write some lovely words on them to your mom's and dad's, grandma's and grandpa's, your nieces, nephews, cousins, sons, daughters and friends that you cannot see right now. Tell them you love them, tell them you miss them. Tell them funny jokes and seal it with a kiss. Take the time to write it down.

4. Then put it in the mail.  And picture how their face will light up when they go to the mailbox and instead of bills or more bad news or coupons for Arby's, they see an envelope with your handwriting on it and get to hear your voice.

I have created a few different sheets you can download. You can cut them out on the dotted lines or cut around each critter leaving a .25" white boarder as I did in the photo. You can print them already colored in or you can print the blank images and have your little ones create their own. These will print 2 critters per 8.5" x 11" sheet. You can print them onto plain white copy paper or onto cardstock (as shown). These will fit into a standard sized business envelope. Print- write- enjoy! And stay safe and healthy friends. 

Click the PDF Button for this printable file

monster mouse.jpg

Click the PDF Button for this printable file

monster mouse blank.jpg

Happy Easter!

Here is a cute little Easter chick you can print to make your own Easter card! The printable PDF file is below and will print one large 2 sided card and 2 smaller cards. Fold along center line and cut out, leaving a 1/4" white edge around the image. You can fold the bottom left foot (indicated by gray dotted lines) to allow the card to stand up!

free chick.jpg
tiny chick.jpg

Click the PDF Button for this printable file