Create YOur Custom Adventure!

Pick your peg size

Grimm's and Grapats will also fit into our vehicles with 1.25" holes! 

Small Pegs and Finger Puppets:

fit in vehicles with 15/16" holes.

Large Pegs and Large Stuffies: 

fit in vehicles with 1.25" holes

Vehicles for small pegs


Vintage Van

Vintage Truck

Vendor Truck

Small 2-Seater

Choose Your Vehicle & Pick Your COLOR!

Small 4-Seater

Vehicles for large pegs


Vintage Van

Vendor Truck

Large Car

Vintage Truck

Jelly Car

Boats for Small Pegs

Sail Boat w/Wheels

Sail Boat

Add a Boat! (Canoes and Kayaks will fit on top of the vans!)

Boats for Large Pegs


Sail Boat

Sail Boat w/Wheels


Tiny Sleeping Bag



Need a few more accessories for you adventure? 

These will work with any sized pegs!

Camping Tent: choose your fabric

Vintage Camper

And finally- add some custom finger puppets for a truly unique gift!

nina 2000.jpg