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Camping Kits

We had to offer a tent to go along with our little wooden canoe! And then, of course, we had to make some teeny tiny sleeping bags to go inside our tiny tent. And THEN we had to make a tiny cinch sack to hold our teeny tiny sleeping bag. Of course. These are one of our best selling items- and we currently offer 3 different camping kits- The Basic Camping Kit, The Camping Kit + Bears, and The Camping Kit + Large Critters.


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Ages 3+

All Ages 

Do you like to head out into the woods? The Basic Camping Kit includes:

  • A Fabric/Wood Tent (assorted fabrics)

  • A wood Canoe + 4 wood peg dolls w/muslin bag

  • 1 Tiny Sleeping Bag + Cinch Sack

The tents come in assorted fabric patterns and have 2 solid alder side panels that are hinged with a soft stretch cord so they fold flat for easy storage. All of our kits come packed in a drawstring muslin bag for easy travel. The camping kit combines everything you need for a weekend in the woods!

Ages 3+

The Camping Kit + Bears comes with the same items as the Basic Camping Kit plus a few fun extras!

  • A Fabric/Wood Tent (assorted fabrics)

  • A wood Canoe + 4 wood peg dolls w/muslin bag

  • 1 Tiny Sleeping Bag + Cinch Sack

  • 2 Bear Finger Puppets (assorted colors)

  • A Tiny Bear Book

  • Comes in a muslin drawstring bag for travel!

Additional finger puppets can be purchased separately, and we have an assortment of woodland critters including an entire rainbow of bears, raccoons (in pants, of course!) and fox with bow ties!

Ages 3+

All Ages!

The Camping Kit + Large Critters is just a slightly larger version of our camping kit with larger stuffed critters so that it is safe for littles under age 3. The tent is just a few inches larger and the panels are made from recycled paper (see our building kits page for more info).  This kit includes:

  • A (slightly larger)Fabric Tent w/ eco-friendly composite panels (assorted fabrics and colors)

  • A Wood Kayak + 2 Large Stuffed Critters  w/muslin bag

  • 2 (

    slightly larger) Tiny Sleeping Bags + Cinch Sacks

  • Comes with a muslin drawstring bag for easy travel!

Additional stuffed critters can be purchased separately- any of our finger puppet monsters or animals can be purchased in the larger stuffed critter size. This size tent would also work great for the large wood peg dolls!