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Our MODplayhouse building kits are a modular system of posts and panels that slide together allowing for endless building options and creative play. MODplayhouse is for girls, boys, monsters, fairies, unicorns, superheros and just about anything your little creatives can imagine! 




Our starter kit comes with:

  • 4 posts

  • 8 assorted colored panels

  • a wood floor

  • a wood roof + roof pegs

  • a wood car and a peg people family   


Start small and grow with your child.

Add onto your kit with additional posts and panels with our room kits. More panels and parts allow for more options, fine motor skill development and more problem-solving. 

The floors are notched to fit between the posts and can fit across any two walls of the same height. You can add floors low, in the middle or at the top of your structure for different to create different levels of play. 

The large roof comes with 4 roof pegs that slide into the grooved posts to hold the roof in the place. Please note: This kit contains small parts and is recommended for ages 3+.

Our small roofs are notched to fit between the posts, with no roof pegs required. These can be added to any kits for additional play.

Grow your collections with our wood peg people, finger puppets, cars, boats and tents. And be sure to check back for newly added items.