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Who We Are

Hello! We are MODplayhouse. 

 I am Shari, the creator and maker of all things MODplayhouse. And this is my family. I couldn't do what I do without each and every one of them.  They are my support system, my problem solvers, my product testers and my inspiration. My children have inspired many of the finger puppets with their endless creative artwork and imaginations! They are active helpers in this business, and they inspire and help design many of our products. 

Art is empowering. Art gives us a voice. 

When I am not covered in sawdust or creating new finger puppet characters, you can find me in the woods or by the lake trying to keep up  with our dog and generally finding joy in the simple (and really tiny) things. 









What We Do

MODplayhouse strives to make quality toys that inspire your child to tell their own unique story.  We want our toys to be the ones that are passed down to family or friends after they are outgrown, and not passed into the landfill.

We like to think of our toys as quality made with a splash of quirky. We love color, artful drawings and, of course, tiny monsters driving cars. (Life is just too short not to.)


All of our products are made in our home shop here in the woods, in Duluth, MN. Everything is made by hand, so please be patient if your order takes a little time. 


Why We Do It

MODplayhouse began as an alternative to the traditional doll house. When I was looking at options for my daughter, I was disappointed in what was available- so I set out to design my own.  I wanted something that didn't designate what  play would happen for little girls - i.e. the standard house with a kitchen, laundry, dishes. I wanted something portable, eco-friendly and I wanted my daughter to be the builder, the architect of her own stories. It could be a gallery, a bakery a store of her very own. Then I discovered my son loved it, too. 


In the past year, MODplayhouse has continued to expand and evolve.  We now offer a variety of cars, canoes, boats, camping kits, peg dolls and finger puppets for open ended play. 


I continue to explore new ways to offer creative play because I think it is important for children to be able to be part of the building process; they get to be the creators and tell their own stories. And the world can always use more stories. 



We don't stop playing because we grow old. We grow old because we stop playing.

-George Bernard Shaw





Thank you for supporting us and our small business. We hope our products inspire your little creators!